Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cousins Trip

Here is the view we had from our patio of the lake!

The first night we got there, we swam for a little bit and then cooked out on the grill.

The guys played washers. 

Lauren kept getting in the way and here her daddy is telling her to move and she just like "what do you mean!"

She finally moved and watched from the side and every few minutes she would just bust out laughing like someone had told the funniest joke ever.  It was so cute!

The kids all remembered this tree from last year and enjoyed climbing it even in the dark. 

On Saturday, we went to Llanda Park to swim in the Comal River.  (I didn't take my camera in there.)
After that, we picnicked in the park. 

When we got back to the condos, Nate walked right in, laid down on the couch, and fell asleep.  He didn't move for hours.  I need a river by my house!

The big boys had a water balloon fight while the little kids were sleeping. 

Later on, deer started coming up right in front of our condos and all the kids got to feed them out of their hands!  They even pet the deer on their heads!

Lauren's big cousins were so sweet in helping her all weekend long and taking care of her. 

This is Sunday morning with all the kids getting a picture together. 

I thought taking a decent picture of three kids was hard, try EIGHT! 
I did not get one single picture with everyone looking at me and smiling at the same time!

All the boys in the tree. 

The whole group in the tree. 

Sunday evening we went into Gruene to do some shopping and eat dinner. 
My kids were TERRIBLE. 
They were tired and cranky and worn out and I think just done with vacation!
Mark and I brought our kids back early to relax.

I was inside and when I walked out on the patio, I saw this:

Twenty deer had come over for dinner. 

That night I gave Lauren her bath and got her ready for bed. 
As I was making her milk, she grabbed her pillow and climbed up on the coffee table to watch cartoons. 

And I saved the swimming pictures for last...

Just so you could see....

Who actually got in the water, without screaming!!!

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