Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Much

Too much has been going on lately for my mama heart to handle. 

First, it was going to tour the school Sean will go to next year for first grade.  Those kids there are BIG. 
 It's hard to believe Sean will be that big by this time next year. 
I got lost in the school and started crying thinking if I could get lost, what will happen to my baby. 
I'm praying he didn't inherit my sense of direction. 
Because I have NONE.

Then, it was having Nathan's ARD meeting.  He has come so far this year and I am so proud of him. 

Next year, he will be in a general education class the entire time and will continue speech therapy once a week and then his special education teacher will monitor his progress and work with him on an as needed basis. 
THEN there was  seeing the pictures of Lauren from the first day of school and the last day and seeing how much she has grown. 

it was kindergarten graduation. 

I thought I was ok with that.  I thought I could handle it.  Not a big deal, just something fun for the kids.

Then my baby boy walked out on stage to say a poem and sing a song. 

{Insert teary eyes here.}


It was his name being called to receive his diploma.

{Insert tear sliding down my cheek here}

(By the way, that guy with the perfect smile handshake down pat up there is our new superintendent whose salary alone would be enough to to keep our schools from feeling the effect of the coming very soon budget cuts thankyouverymuch!)
After graduation we went back to the classroom to get our kids and Mrs. Taylor made a speech to all of us. 
She told us how wonderful our children were and how she was going to miss them.  And then she started crying. 

{Insert sobbing out loud can't see through my tears here}

She has been the most perfect teacher I could have wanted for Sean.  I wish she could go with him to the 1st grade. 

Here's me and my guy.

A couple of weeks ago the principal sent out this form for our child to fill out. 
When he called their name to receive their diploma, he read what they want to be when they grow up and the college they want to attend.  So cute.

Today I decided to take Sean lunch up at the school. 


My mama heart about broke when he was too busy being with his friends to even care that I was there. 

It was just not that long ago that I had lunch with him and he was happy I was there and couldn't stop hugging me. 

Tonight he received his trophy for t-ball.

His last year in T-ball. 

Why does he have to grow up SO FAST?!

I think I am going to quit sleeping because that's how fast they seem to grow. 



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