Saturday, February 6, 2010

The This And That Of A Lazy Day

It's been a very lazy day for me.

I started feeling really bad last night and Mark let me sleep in until 11:30 this morning! I could have stayed in bed a little longer, but thought I better get up to make sure my kids were being fed see my children.

I just let myself get too stressed out and worn down this past week and now I have some kind of head cold.

Every year since Sean turned 2, Mark, his dad, his brother, and Sean have been going to the Monster Truck Jam when it comes in February. We bought Nathan a ticket this year so that he could go. We weren't going to let him go after all that he has been through this week, but he was doing so well and at the last minute we decided to let him go. Also, he now realizes when Sean gets to do something and he doesn't and it really hurts his feelings.

Uncle Joe sent me this pictures on my cell phone of the boys wearing their ear muffs on the way to see the Monster Trucks:

They were both so excited and after they got there, Mark called to say that they were having a blast.

I was going to just veg out on the couch with Lauren and watch some girly movies, but with no boys in the house I was itching to get out. So, I loaded Lauren in her car seat and off we went to Kohls and Michaels.

I bought some photo albums at Kohls and a cute little Valentines Bib for Lauren. I am working on organizing all my 2009 photos. One weekend last year, Mark and the boys went out of town. I was huge and pregnant and decided to stay home and relax. Instead of relaxing, I organized 8 years worth of photos and put them in order in albums. All in one weekend. Pictures from the time Mark and I started dating to the very last day of 2008.

15 albums and my back was killing me by the time I was finished.

I want to finish 2009 and get caught up so that I can hopefully stay caught up!

These are the ones I bought tonight:

I bought the sports one so that I can put Sean's soccer pictures in and since we just signed him up for t-ball add those pictures too.

I also bought this little cute one for my mom (surprise mom!):

Back to T-ball...we signed Sean up last weekend and Mark put down that he would like to coach. While we were in the hospital with Nathan, he got the call that he was accepted as coach and needed to be at a coach's meeting Friday night. He went and he is on cloud 9. Baseball is Mark's sport. He likes all sport, but he played baseball and it's what he loves. He is all ready on top of everything: researching different ideas for coaching 5 and 6 year olds, calling all his players' parents, found his assistant coaches and team mom, and even all ready found his sponsor. I'm proud of him! I just think that I am going to have to keep reminding him that these are children and not pro-baseball players - ha!
I think I said earlier, but Nathan is doing sooo good. I was a little worried last night because he keeps having dirty diapers that are super black (which is blood passing through), so I called the on-call dr. He was shocked to hear Nathan's story and the fact that he needed a blood transfusion and he said that it sounded like Nathan lost a lot of blood so I should expect those kind of diapers for a few days. Of course, if there is any fresh blood I should immediately come to the hospital. We see our regular ENT dr. on the 16th and I probably won't relax until then. Actually, I probably won't relax for about another 6 months from now and then maybe I'll feel like we're in the clear!
Well, I hear a bubble bath and Lifetime movie calling my name so I'm signing off now!
Have a beautiful day tomorrow!
***I know this last paragraph is annoyingly long, but I keep putting spaces to break it up and for some reason it just keeps taking out the spaces! ~Sorry!***

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