Monday, February 8, 2010

Yesterday & Today

There is no happy homemaker post today. I had an awful, terrible, very painful headache all day today. It's gone now and so I'm catching up on the past couple of days:

I wrote a post yesterday and I guess I didn't publish it or save it because it seems to have disappeared! Or I was dreaming!

We had a really quiet day yesterday. Nathan woke up not feeling well and had a low grade fever, so we gave him some pain medicine and he ended up taking a 5 hour nap!

While he slept, I cleaned and played with Lauren when she was awake. This is Lauren while I was cleaning the boys' room - playing with one of their dinosaurs:

Mark and Sean practiced baseball outside most of the day and then Mark had a t-ball meeting in the afternoon.

Nathan woke up feeling so much better and ate a really good dinner. I cooked hamburger pattis with gravy, mashed potatoes, and black eyed peas. Nathan wasn't able to have the hamburger but he had the potatoes with black eyed peas and also some green peas and carrots that were left over! He's such a good little eater and eats almost anything!

I was reading an article though on your tonsils and adenoids and it said that when you're tonsils & adenoids are larger than normal it can effect your smell which effects your taste. I had noticed that Nathan has been smelling a lot of things and I hope that he doesn't start not eating his vegetables and fruits if the taste is different to him now!

We had Mothers Day Out today. Nathan stayed home with Mark just to get that one extra day of rest. As I said, I had a major headache all day long. I used to get really bad headaches all the time as a child until we discovered that I needed glasses and I don't get them very often anymore. When I do though, they really bother me. I also HATE taking medicine. Someone offered me some Excedrin today, but I wouldn't take it because I have never taken it before and I didn't know how it would make me feel!

By the end of the day, my head was hurting so bad I felt sick and was kind of worried about driving home. I only live a few minutes away though and I made it home fine. I came in, took a hot shower, and went to bed. I woke up at 7:30pm to a really bad thunderstorm. Mark had cooked dinner and fed the kids and had them all dressed for bed!

Now I am wide awake and wondering what to do - ha! I mentioned that I went to Michaels on Saturday...well, I bought a bunch of scrapbook paper because they were having a good sale on it. I have purchased a lot of scrap booking supplies over the past year and I really wanted to scrapbook, but I just can't get into it. I just organize all my photos by date in albums, which you saw in my last post. I do like making things with scrapbook paper though ~ it is so pretty! Like the clipboards that I've posted on here before and cards. I made this small photo album for my grandma last Mother's Day:

I bought one of those little photo albums that holds 24 pictures and took out the front and back page and replaced them with this:

Front cover: A picture of me and grandma, quote: Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~ Welsh Proverb, and random word punch outs.

Inside cover: Punch out in the middle of the flower says "Memories" and I just listed different memories of things we have done, separating them with a heart stamp.

Inside back cover: Different quotes about grandmas: "A grandmother is a little bit teacher, a little bit parent, and a little bit best friend." "Grandma's heart is a patchwork of love." "If nothing is going well call your grandmother." "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." "Grandmothers are just "antique" little girls." "A garden of love grows in a grandmother's heart." "Grandmothers hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever."

Outside back cover: Just a punch out frame with paper and fabric flowers and a LOVE metal embellishment in the middle.

I am looking for more ideas of things to make with all my scrap booking supplies!

Here are some pictures of the boys at the Monster Truck Jam Saturday night:

The boys had a really good time. They didn't get home until after 11pm and they were exhausted. I was surprised they even made it through the whole show!

We're supposed to be having some very cold weather and possible ice and snow by the end of the week. I need to go to the store tomorrow to get some groceries so we can eat because I don't get out in cold! Or snow. Or ice!

Other than that, I have a lot of things to do for our Valentines Party at school on Wednesday, so I'm hoping that the kids will cooperate and I get stuff done!

Speaking of kids, I am still trying to get them in the bed. They just won't give it up!

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