Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I'm taking this post idea from here.

My simple pleasures:

This isn't hard at all when these three are the first that come to mind:

And this one:

Paper. I love, Love, LOVE paper. Note cards, note pads, spiral books, anything. It's a small obsession.

Lazy, rainy days.

Beautiful, warm, play outside days.

Naps. (Mine or the kids!)

Bubble baths.

Sundays with my family.

Receiving mail : letters, cards, magazines..anything except for bills!



The smell of new books.

Phone calls.

Clean sheets.

A clean house (this is a rare pleasure - ha!)


Photo albums.


Fresh flowers.

New recipes that turn out good.

These are just a *few* that come to mind!

Take a moment to remember all your simple pleasures today!

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