Saturday, March 26, 2011

This, That, and Some Baseball

In case you haven't heard...Sean lost his first tooth!!!  He was so excited!  Running around jumping up and down and screaming.  This mama was crying.  :(  He's growing up too fast!

Here is his envelope for the tooth fairy!
I wanted to get a picture of him waking up and finding his money, but he found it at 4 in the morning and came in our room screaming.  I was too tired to grab the camera at that time!

Here's my cutie Nathan at cousin Caden's birthday party!

Nathan is always so full of surprises.  One of the surprises that he always leaves for me is I will insert my memory card in the computer and up pops all these pictures that Nathan took. I love seeing the world through his eyes.

Here's a picture he took of Lauren blowing him kisses:

And some he took of some flowers in our entry way:


Lauren played dress up the other day while I was cleaning her room:

And today was opening day of baseball! 

Mark and the team were out on the field practicing and Lauren could not understand why she couldn't be out there with her daddy.

Here's Sean's first hit.  He made it to second with this hit!

Sean is playing pitcher this year and his friend, D, is on 1st base.  Watch this sequence of pictures, they make a great team.  In the second inning, the opposite team had three hits and Sean and D alone got them three outs!

Sean caught the ball from the hit...

The throw to D...

Sailing through the air...


And D catches it!  OUT!

Another play...
Ball gets to outfield, thrown to Sean..


Freeze!  No more plays can be made!

I scored some free tickets for the drag races so after the game all the boys headed out there.  And the boys found a Monster Truck!  Their favorite!!!!

Lauren is all ready asleep from not having a nap all day and being out in the sun. 
Now Mama gets to enjoy some quiet time!!!

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