Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Cuteness of My Life

Just thought I would share some of the cuteness that I get to see every day of my life!

Sean on the day we found out he had TWO loose teeth!
(The two middle on the bottom)

A little girl that is in love with Sean gave him this present after one of his basketball games!

I told Lauren we were going bye-bye and she grabbed her "bag" (my lunch kit) and her shopping cart.  I guess she thought we were going to Wal-Mart!

Lauren playing basketball with the boys. 

The kids coloring with their new sidewalk chalk on a beautiful day!

Batman and Spider-WOMAN!

She loved wearing this mask and ran around doing her hands and making the spider web noise!

Nate in the chair waiting for his ENT to come check him out! 
(And his ears are perfect!  The tubes are still in and if they haven't fallen out in 6 months, the ENT will take them out.)

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