Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Lauren Kate, today you are ONE year old!!!

All day long I kept thinking about where I was this time last year: in labor, waiting for you to be born, and then finally at 1:20pm hearing your very LOUD cry and getting to see you for the first time!

Let me start by saying that it is so hard to get a posed picture of you these days.

You either move as soon as I click and I get blurry:

or you try to grab the camera and I get this:

* You probably weigh around 20 pounds right now.

You haven't had your one year check up yet, but last month at a doctor's visit, you weighed just a little over 19 pounds.

* You eat a ton, girlfriend. Those beautiful chunky thighs pack a lot away!

You have 3 or 4 6-oz bottles a day.

Breakfast is usually a cereal bar or yogurt OR if you have a bottle first a few puffs!

You eat lunch, which is usually some kind of Gerber baby food with vegetables.

You have a snack after your nap which is either puffs or a cereal bar.

For dinner, you usually have some of what we are having with a little bit of baby meat and vegetables on the side.

* You go to bed at 7pm, wake up at 7am, and nap from 11am to 2pm. You are strict about your sleeping schedule!

* You started crawling on Thursday, June 24, 2010.

(Ok, ok..I have to put this in here that you actually first crawled on Tuesday, June 22, but I wasn't home to see it so I'm not counting it!)

* You try to pull up some on furniture and toys, but you're not getting to your feet yet.

* You will stand holding onto something if we put you that way.

* You got 2 new teeth in on the same day: Monday, July 5, 2010.

You now have 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom!

* You are starting to pay attention to some of the boys' cartoons. Especially the ones with lots of singing and loud noise!

* You love wearing hats and always try to put daddy's hat or your brothers' hats on yourself.

* Good thing you got a pretty GIRLY purple hat for your birthday!

* Your little personality is really shining through.

You are so sweet and loving and independent and silly and have a mind of your own and I think you are maybe a little bit stubborn!

* We all LOVE you so much, Lauren Kate, and we can't wait to see what the next year will bring us!


(Enjoying a cupcake after dinner today for her birthday!)

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