Monday, July 12, 2010


For Lauren's first birthday I decided to make ladybug cupcakes. Red ladybugs with black spots.
I really thought this would be an easy task. Really I did.
Cupcake mix in a box. White icing + red food coloring. Piece of cake.


I baked all the cupcakes Saturday afternoon so they would be cool enough by evening to decorate.
That part went well since I can read and follow directions on the box.
About 8pm that night I decided to start decorating the cupcakes. I poured all the icing in a bowl and started adding drops of food coloring very slowly. The icing turned PINK. Added more and more drops and the icing turned HOT PINK.
I sat there for an hour freaking out on the verge of tears not knowing what to do. Finally I called a friend who has a friend that bakes a lot and she said that sometimes it takes the whole bottle of food coloring. So, I squeezed in the whole bottle.
Finally, the icing was some sort of shade of red and I could have lived with it, but the icing was sooo watery. It would just drip off the spoon.
I called that friend of a friend and it all turns out that I didn't get the right food coloring. Who knew there was actually a gel food coloring for icing? Not me. And since it wasn't even in the same aisle as the icing OR the food coloring, I never would have known.
Off to Wal-Mart I went at 10:30pm. Got the GEL food coloring and MORE icing.
After 2 jars of the new coloring, I had red-non-watery icing!
Iced the 4 dozen cupcakes (thank goodness my grandma was there to help!) and then started the decorating.
I drew the line & antennas with chocolate icing. (I originally wanted to use pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate for the antennas, but I was too tired at that point.)
Mini Oreo cookies for the head.
Mini M&Ms for the spots. (This took a huge bag of M&Ms to get enough brown ones!)

And woola!

Ladybug cupcakes!

Total time to make these: about 6 hours.

Watching this sweet girl enjoy her cupcake: PRICELESS!

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