Saturday, March 6, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

I am a list maker by nature.

I have lists scattered all across the house. Everywhere. And some are the same exact lists, just re-written for whatever reason.

I've been making some lists in my journal just of anything and everything that is about my life today. I think it will be neat to read back in a few years to see what I was like and what was going in my life.

Keeping up with the First Born Appreciation Week (you can read my post on my other blog about him here - which is also a list!), here is a list about Sean:

Favorite Things About Sean

10. He is my oldest, my first born, my first baby. I experienced everything with him first. I will always love him the longest.

9. He's very inquisitive. He loves to ask questions and he loves to learn. I love this about him, but oh man is it hard to keep patience when you're asked 100 times in 5 minutes why you have to wash clothes. Or why we eat dinner. Or why Lauren has to have a bottle. Why, why, why!

8. He never lets me forget anything. Never. When he was three he wanted a piece of gum. I told him he could chew gum when he turned 5 years old. For 2 years, every single day, I heard "I can chew gum when I'm five". Seriously.

7. He always gives me the perfect smile for pictures. Always.

6. He is the best big brother ever. You've heard me say it on here before. He loves his little brother and sister. Ignore the tormenting and torturing and he really is the best big brother.

5. He is so cool. He really is the coolest little kid I know.

4. He is very creative. Always building something different with blocks, making up games to play with things like tissue paper and old gift cards, and drawing and coloring. He uses his imagination.

3. He has a lot of excitement. He gets really excited about the smallest things. I love it.

2. He gives the best bear hugs and eskimo kisses around.

1. He is just Sean. The one and only, the best that he can be, my little man, Sean....

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