Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Misc.

Today was a great day. Not just because it was Valentines Day. Just because it was one of those really great, awesome, wonderful days.

Mark & I had our Valentines date last night. We had take out from Chilis (my favorite restaurant) and had a coupon for a free PPV movie, so we rented Couples Retreat. It was really funny. It had some crude parts, but it was cute overall. We went to bed early because I wanted to get a lot of stuff done today.

We woke up early this morning to Nathan and Sean eating a bag of chocolate chip cookies in our bed. Mark got dressed and went to the grocery store for me because I was out of Dr. Pepper groceries. When he got home we all ate lunch together and then we gave the boys their Valentines.

They were really excited about it.....

Until they took their first bite. Sean asked me : "MOM! Why did you buy candy that I don't like?!?!"! I thought how rude, but then I tasted it and it was awful. I did use this opportunity to teach him about manners though. I told him it was ok that he didn't like it and I wasn't upset that he told me that, but in the future when someone gives him a present that he doesn't like or all ready has or whatever, he just needs to say "Thank you for thinking of me!" and leave it at that!

I don't think that Nathan wanted to believe that the candy wasn't good, because he opened every single piece and took one bite of each. Poor guy, he was really hoping that at least one would taste good!

Oh, and Mark bought Lauren this outfit for her Valentine gift. He couldn't let his baby girl go without something!

(Side note - Mark and I just exchange a card and our favorite candy bar on Valentines. Right after Christmas and just before Mother's Day, Father's Day, and our anniversary is just too much!)

After lunch and the terrible candy, Mark took the boys outside to play and I came to the bedroom to clean and organize. My room is the room that never gets cleaned and it was piled high with junk. It's so much easier to throw everything in here and shut the door than to actually clean it.

I opened all the windows because it was such a Beautiful day outside and got busy.

It took me 2 hours, but I got the entire closet cleaned out, my whole bedroom organized, and CLEANED! It looks and feels so good in here, I just want to sit in here and not worry about the rest of the house! Of course, I have a pile right outside my bedroom door right now of stuff that doesn't belong in here and I'm not really sure where to put it all yet. Mark votes for the trash bag, but he's known me long enough to know that won't happen!

Mark cleaned out the garage while the boys played outside. I asked him to do that so I can get to our treadmill and weight machine. I might be regretting that just a little bit because now I don't have any more excuses for not working out!

This whole day really reminded me of Saturdays when I was growing up. My dad worked shift schedule, but most of the time when he was off on Saturdays I would wake up to mom and dad in great moods, country music on the radio, windows and blinds would be cleaning the house and dad would be working in his garage. I would be running in and out playing with my friends. That is one of my favorite memories. Just a perfect, happy, family day. Even though I hate cleaning, I always love to do it on pretty days with the windows open and the kids playing and country music on the radio because of that memory!

Mark and the boys came in and Mark cooked us breakfast for dinner. It was delicious!

He took the boys back outside to play before dark and I took a few pics of Lauren in her cute Valentines outfit!
Here are the 2 new teeth I told you about:

She did tummy time for about 5 seconds...

And her little feet! So sweet!

Everyone has had their bath now and the boys are watching a cartoon before bed. First cartoon for them all day! I feel like they've had way too much TV lately with all the cold and bad weather lately!

I'm hoping that bed time will be easy tonight because they are EXHAUSTED. While waiting for dinner, Nathan kept nodding off and I was trying to keep him awake with anything I could think of: coloring, singing very loudly, letting Sean mess with him....

Mark is going to play his Playstation 3 tonight and I am going to work on scrapbooking! ~ IF I can stay awake!

Before I go, here are a few of the Valentine picture bloopers of when I was trying to get good pictures for my card. (Of course, they're not really bad bloopers to me because I adore my kids!)
One thing I did notice though - AFTER I took the pictures and ordered the cards - was that Lauren had eaten sweet potatoes before we took the pictures and she still had some all over her mouth! ~OOPS! :)

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