Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday in Words

Sean and Lauren did lots of playing with cars while grandma prepared dinner and daddy & Nathan took a nap.

The dogs hung out in the kitchen waiting for grandma to sneak them some food sleeping.

Nathan woke up very grouchy.

Grandma had gone to the store for a few items for dinner. She asked me if we needed snacks and I said "sure, get whatever you feel like" and she came back with 50 pounds of candy, cookies, and brownies.

Daddy held Lauren while Sean played games on the TV while we finished up dinner.

Nathan cheered up.

Daddy rented us some movies to watch.

Grandma gave the dogs some loving since they are so spoiled so good.

Dinner: ham, potato salad, broccoli and cheese casserole, deviled eggs, and yeast roles. Nathan decided to eat off his plate like a puppy. Lauren had green beans and carrots and didn't think that I made enough for her to eat.

Lauren got a bath and enjoyed putting her feet up and soaking for awhile.

We all piled on the couch to watch cartoons and read books.

Daddy got caught looking at mustangs on the internet.

We put the boys to bed.

Ahhh..finally all kids asleep and peace and quiet filled the house!

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