Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spare Seconds

One of my resolutions was to make time for my hobbies.
I have always loved to read.
Before I kids I would read about a book a day. Seriously.
Since I've had kids, I might read about a book a year.
So, I am going to make more time for reading.
This is my reading stack. I am reading 2 books at the same time right now, and the Bible!
I should make a resolution to take more pictures of my kids because I have not taken any pictures of them since Christmas! I took these today just so I wouldn't feel so guilty anymore!
Sean and his famous cheese smile:

Nathan had fallen asleep when I took the pictures. Maybe I should take another one of him when he wakes up! He has been as hyper as the Tazmanian Devil the past few days and finally wore himself out today. Poor guy; I think he has just had major cabin fever!

And here is Ms. Lauren playing on her play mat!

And finally a quote that I heard and would like to share:
"New Years is just another day. Only you can motivate you to do what you want to do!"
So, now I don't feel so bad about starting on my resolutions on New Years Day.
But, I do feel bad that I have no motivation to make myself do what I want to do - ha!

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