Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Really Good Day

Today was a really good day.

We started off with Nathan waking up at 5:30am. I laid on the couch with him and fell back asleep, thinking that he would do the same. He didn't. And he raided the candy bag.

I got up and cooked the kids breakfast. Which Nathan didn't eat since he was so full on candy.

Nathan was grouchy and into everything and Sean started acting the same way. I was determined that I was not going to get grouchy over this.

At 10:30am, Nathan went down for a nap. I fed Lauren her lunch and put her down for her nap. Sean and I worked out together. (Sean lasted longer than I did on the workout -ha!)

I made Lauren some green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I am making her baby food from scratch and I am loving it. It is so easy and I love that it is fresh and organic. I steam everything and then puree it. Then I pour it into ice cube trays to freeze:

Once frozen, I pop out the cubes and put them into freezer bags. I take out 2 cubes for her meals and let them defrost and she's ready to eat!

Once Nathan woke up, I sent the boys to play outside in the backyard while I cleaned house. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect today. I opened all the windows and the boys were having a blast playing outside. I got the house all clean and swept and mopped the floors.

I'm not kidding you, as soon as I finished mopping, I turn around and Nathan is standing right behind me soaked and covered in mud. Behind him is a trail of muddy footprints. Sigh.

I undressed the boys and gave them a bath and re-mopped the floor. Sent them to their room to play.

I cooked dinner and it was so good. We are trying to eat a lot healthier. Nothing fried and lots of yummy steamed veggies.

I've got all our lunches made and ready for tomorrow. The house is surprisingly still clean and I'm working on a few loads of laundry.
We are getting ready to put the kids in bed and watch our new favorite show!

So, nothing really special about today - just a happy, wonderfully blessed day!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!

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  1. I love this post! We just got the Montel HealthMaster and Rotisserie, and we are loving our fruit and veggie rich diet. I make green smoothies for the guys in the morning. :)