Monday, January 11, 2010


Can't sleep...

Today was a good day. Went to work and had only 5 kids show up for my class today. They all took very long naps! Lauren had her six month well check appointment at 9am. Found out she has an ear infection. Thought something might have been going on since she still isn't over her cough and her nose starting running yesterday. She was really happy today though smiling and talking and playing all day with no nap. She should sleep good tonight. I hope Nathan sleeps all night. He didn't go to bed until 1:30am last night and after not having a nap today, fell asleep on the couch around 6pm. Getting nervous about Nathan's surgery coming up on Monday. I know it's routine. I know it's done all the time on so many kids, but this is MY baby! I don't want him to cry or to be scared. I will cry, I know. Sean did so good for his first visit today at the dentist. I really didn't think he would. Mark said he was such a big boy. I wish I could have been there. Nathan did not do so good. He wouldn't even open his mouth - ha! Total opposite of what I thought. Mark looked at mustangs forever on the internet tonight while I took a bath, read my book, catalog shopped, and caught up on DVR'd shows. I really hope that he can get a mustang this year for his 30th. It's been like a life long dream for him. We read our daily devotional together and prayed. It's sweet time for the two of us. Lauren woke up around 10pm for a bottle, smiled and cooed at me for a bit, then when straight back to sleep. Tomorrow I need to pre-register Nathan at the hospital, submit some paperwork to FSA, balance the checkbook, and get my hair done. There are so many things that I could buy for Lauren HERE. I love to shop for her. I am sad because there are so many cute outfits in her closet that she will not be able to wear because she is so much smaller and by the time she gets big enough, the season will be wrong. She is so tiny. I wonder if she will be as tall (as short as?) my mom at only 5 foot. I hope Mark doesn't have to work on Sunday. We want to go to church and then take the kids to the children's museum. Nathan can't eat or drink after midnight until after his surgery. I wonder how that's going to go? I need to make reservations for our family vacation this summer. I hear the place books up fast. We also want to go to Alabama to see family that haven't even seen our babies yet! I exercised for the first time tonight. In forever. I did Pilates and I wanted to slap the instructor on my DVD that kept saying things like "This should feel really good right about now" as I was sweating and panting and crying for the pain. My arms and abs are killing me. I still don't have a 6 pack though. We sign Sean up for T-Ball next week. I hope that he likes it as much as he liked soccer. He enjoys being active. I can't believe he's going to start kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone? He doesn't want to go to the "big kid" school. I am going to cry on his first day. I'm going to try and make meatloaf tomorrow for the first time and I hope it turns out ok. This is all too much to process so late at night, so thanks for letting me get it out of my head. Goodnight all; I'm going to bed!

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