Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Always Check Your Prescriptions

I went to the pharmacy tonight to have a new label put on Lauren's medicine. They apologized repeatedly and even gave me a gift card to the store.
Continue to check your prescriptions!
Yesterday, Lauren was diagnosed with an ear infection. We dropped her prescription off and picked it up last night. I didn't want to start it last night since I knew she needed the medicine twice a day. I wanted to start fresh today.
This morning I went to give her the medicine and it said to give her 2 teaspoons twice a day. I sat there for a minute thinking that was quite a bit for a 6 month old. I thought that the boys have never even had that much medicine. I called the dr. and she said NO WAY - that was way too much. She looked at the prescription in the folder and said that it clearly said 2 MLs.
I called the pharmacy and issued a complaint. They were very apologetic and seemed sincerely sorry and worried for the mistake they made. They admitted that the prescription was right by my dr. and that it was completely their mistake. I am taking the medicine back to be labeled correctly.
And never, ever hesitate to call your dr. if you have any questions! If I had been a first time mom, I would had never thought twice about that dosage!

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