Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ramblings of a Tired Mom

Nathan had his surgery last Monday and everything went very well. He was such a brave, big boy. The dr. said that there was so much sticky fluid in his ears, so now that it's gone he will be able to hear better. A few times this week, he has heard something and excitedly asked me over and over "Did you hear that, momma?"
The dr. also said that his tonsils and adenoids were "monster huge" and now Nathan actually has a throat since they were removed! Once the swelling goes down he should quit snoring and be able to breathe better!
Nathan has done very well, considering he probably had a wicked sore throat. He is not taking any more pain medicine. The only thing we are dealing with right now is the wicked bad breath smell. It's awful. I'm talking try leaving 5 dirty diapers in your car for a week and Nathan's breath will probably still smell worse than that. The dr. said it would take about 2 weeks to go away.
I was off work Wednesday to stay home with Nathan, but I still took Sean to Mothers Day Out. Every school day we talk about him starting kindergarten at the big school across the street. Every school day he cries and tells me that he's not going. This past Wednesday though, he told me that he would think about it for awhile before he goes. That is a huge improvement.
I fed Lauren her first Gerber food - peaches. I did peaches because that's what both boys had for their first food. The boys loved it and couldn't get enough. However, Lauren didn't think it was so great...
She did, however, love this popsicle that daddy was letting her lick on....

I know it had to feel so good on her gums since she has a new tooth on top and the other coming in right behind it.
"Give me more, Daddy!"

I love this photo and how Nathan is looking at Sean. It's like he's just waiting on Sean to do something (good or bad?) and he's not going to miss Sean doing it!

Lauren really loves playing on the floor with all her toys now. She rolls side to side grabbing at them. She has rolled onto her tummy a few times, but she really hates being on her stomach so it doesn't last long.

And she has totally found her feet now. I caught her chewing on her toes, but by the time I got my camera she was just playing with them.

Mark and I stayed up way too late last night watching old movies on TV. It was really nice to have that quiet time together. I let him sleep in and then I took a nap this afternoon.
It's back to work tomorrow and everything is all packed and ready to go. Lauren has a check up with the dr. so she will be staying with daddy all day. This will be Nathan's first time back in 2 weeks since he was sick and then had the surgery. Sean has computer class tomorrow. He does so good there and really enjoys it. I feel bad because I don't let him on the computer that much at home. I need to download some learning games and show him how to use it.
We had some very yummy grilled pork chops for dinner with mashed potatoes and black eyed peas. I wanted to make fresh green beans and new potatoes, but since I took that nap I didn't have time. We are starting on a healthy eating plan this week. We're going to be adding lots of fresh veggies and fruits to every meal. I hope the kids don't starve..ha!
I did my Bible Study on Bloom tonight and it made me cry. Folded some laundry, but it's still on the couch needing to be put away. Finished another book tonight and thinking about starting another one. But, maybe I'll just catch up on flipping through some magazines. I'm off to relax and hopefully to sleep early!

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