Friday, January 8, 2010

Mama's Chicken & Dumplings

It is TOO COLD here for us Houstonians that are used to 110 degrees in the shade. I even read a tweet by a local weatherman that 7 years ago on this 8th day of January the high was 100. We didn't get above freezing today.

So, what's a Houston girl to do to stay warm?

Call mom for her Chicken & Dumplings recipe of course!

This is the first time I have made Chicken & Dumplings and I was so nervous but it was. so. very. good. Mom cooks like I like to cook: simple and easy with few ingredients and delicious.

Gather Together:
Chicken Breast
1 can Butter Flavored Biscuits
Chicken Broth

1) Boil chicken with just enough water to cover chicken. I cooked 4 chicken breast for my eating family of four.

2) Pinch small pieces off of Butter flavor Biscuits.

3) Remove chicken when cooked through.

4) Add torn biscuits into boiling water and cook until they "blow up" (mom's terminology). Stir a lot because this happens fast and you don't want them to stick to the pot.

5) Add shredded chicken to the pot.

6) Add pepper.

7) Cover and simmer. Mom said an hour, but mine was ready after about 30 minutes. Stir occasionally to keep from sticking.

8) Add chicken broth while stirring if you need more liquid. There is no measurement for this. I used half a can of chicken broth and mine came out pretty thick. It was not dry at all, but it was a thick pile of mush. It was great. I don't like mine too soupy. So, it's just whatever your preference is!

9) Eat and enjoy!

(This is not the best picture - it was taken with my cell phone)

I only had a taste of this tonight since I met a friend at Chilis for dinner. But, I am going to have me some yummy, yummy leftovers tomorrow!