Monday, November 23, 2009

Sean Michael, Today You Are 5 Years Old!!!

* You weigh 48.2 pounds and are 44 1/2 inches tall.

* You are wearing size 5 or 6 shirts, size 5 jeans, and size 13 shoes.

* You are a very picky eater and it is hard to get you to try new things! You are just like your daddy! Your favorites are refried beans and rice, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. The only fruit that you like is bananas. And shhh... I always hide vegetables in your dinners. As long as you don't see them, you eat them!

* You are so into super heroes and transformers right now. Your favorite cartoons are super hero cartoons (Batman, Spiderman, Justice League, etc.)

* You don't take naps at all anymore. You wake up between 6am and 7am and go strong all day until bed time at 8pm. Sometimes you don't even go to sleep then and stay awake in bed and play with Nate for a couple of extra hours.

* We still call you Bull Man! Your Papa JC gave you this nickname when you were about 9 months old and it has stuck ever since! (Although, when you were a tiny baby I called you my little love bug but daddy said I had to quit that because it wasn't a nick name that could go on a jersey!)

* You are such a bright little boy, always full of excitement. You are ready to go at any minute. You get so happy and excited over the tiniest things. I hope you never lose that.

* You ask a million questions. Over and over and over. Constantly. Throughout the day. Why? When? How? What?

* You talk so well and we can have long conversations with you. You are so awesome.

* You are the best big brother to Nathan and Lauren. You are so sweet and gentle with them. You love them so much. It makes my heart swell when I see you with them. They adore you.

* You can still be pretty shy. When I took a cookie cake to school to sing you "Happy Birthday" you were would not even look at me; you just looked at the table. At your party yesterday when we sang to you, you hid under the table!

* You played your first sport this fall: soccer. You were #23. You loved it and you did so good. Daddy and I are so proud of you for trying and going out there and doing your best.

* You still have monkey. And you still sleep with him.

* Sean, these past 5 years have gone by way too fast. I can still remember seeing you for the first time. It doesn't feel that long ago! Let's take the next 5 years a little slower, please. I love you.
(This the first time I saw and got to hold Sean, on November 24, 2004, 12 hours after he was born.)

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  1. Ohhh, this is so sweet! It doesn't seem possible Sean is 5 years old already. Such a fine, smart youngster. I agree, time did go
    by too fast.