Friday, October 16, 2009

A Day in the Life of the Bazmores

* We have 5 alarm clocks that go off every morning. FIVE. And we still don't ever hear them to get up on time. SO, Mark had to rush off to work this morning to make it on time. I never heard the alarm clocks and I never even heard Mark leave. We've always been this way. I can hear the tiniest sound that one of my babies make in their sleep, but I can't hear 5 blaring alarms going off all at once.

* I woke up to find Nathan sitting at the table eating BBQ Sauce. Yes, BBQ Sauce. He had emptied the bottle onto a paper plate and was eating it with a spoon.

* I fixed some waffles for breakfast. I used syrup, not BBQ Sauce.

* I cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor.

* It was a beautiful day and the weather was absolutely wonderful so we went outside to play.

* The kids decided to play inside my car instead of playing with the hundreds of toys they have outside. So, I cleaned out the car while they played.

* We came inside for lunch after much screaming to stay outside.

* While I was making them P&J sandwiches, Nathan dumped a brand new box of Cheerios in the middle of the living floor.

* Nathan said "nice" in a surfer dude kind of way. Sean said "it's like a party in here mom, can we leave it all here?". No Sean...

* I swept the floor.

* We ate lunch.

* I swept the floor.

* The boys painted.

* I mopped the floor.

* Nathan went down for a nap, Sean watched "Babies" (Rugrats) and I played with Lauren.

* Nathan woke up and the boys asked only one million times if we could go back outside, so we did.

* They played on their bikes for about 5 minutes and then it was back to the car.

* Lauren laid out in the sun and sucked her thumb.

* Mark came home and I left for a girl's night out!

* I turned on the car and the windshield wipers were going crazy, my blinker was on, my brights were on, and the radio was blaring.

* I met my good friend for some manis and pedis and then off we went to the mall and then had dinner at Pappasitos.

* I came home and my wonderful hubby had all three kiddos asleep.

* I swept the floor.

* It was a wonderful day and now I am off to bed!

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