Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gator Country

We went to Gator Country in Beaumont, TX today for a birthday party. 

Big Al lives at Gator Country. 
Big Al is the biggest gator in captivity in the Untied States and the heaviest gator in captivity in the nation.  He is 78 years old. 
Big Al is ONLY 13.4 feet long and ONLY weighs 1000 pounds.  That's all.
My kids wanted to pet Big Al. 

Of course, they didn't get to pet Big Al, but they were able to pet and hold this cute little guy. 
I say cute, and I think my kids are really brave, but not even this mama would touch or hold him!

And then.....

There was this little guy....

Lauren loved holding the snake.  She kept going back to pet him after she held him...

While Lauren was waiting to hold the snake, she got the guy's microphone and was playing with it.  We all know how Lauren loves to dance and sing so when I saw her holding the snake this is what flashed in my mind:

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