Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat! *Warning- LOTS of photos!*

We started off at Sean's class party on Friday...

Lollipop spider

Pin the nose on the pumpkin...

Mummy Wrap

The boys

Keeping Sis entertained :)

Then Nate's party Halloween morning. 

Pumpking bowling...

Pin the tail on the cat...

Pass the pumpkin..

Mommy & chocolate covered Nate

Nathan and some teachers (not his) at the school.

Then this afternoon we had Lauren's party.

She wore her costume to school, but it came off before the party :(

She was dancing when we came in the room.

Eating and cheesing...

Cheeto Mouth.
Picture taken by Nate

Our Family before Trick or Treating!
ALL 5 looking at the camera and smiling  :)

Super Ninja Sean

Iron Man Nate

"I'm CLOWN" Lauren!

Here's our clown doing a Ninja move

Friends ready to trick-or-treat

Lauren's first trick-or-treat

It was the most precious thing ever, she would say "twick or tweet" and then "thaaaank youuuu".

Look I got candy!

Her bag was so full, she had to drag it :)

Here's a trick-or-treat song from Nate to you :)

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