Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of MDO

Lauren had her first day of Mothers Day Out today.
And today is the first time that she has ever been without mommy being right next door to her all day!

Heavy bag!

It was funny that I was having a hard time leaving her there and having all the moms and teachers tell me the same thing that I have rehearsed and told other nervous moms for the past 4 years as a teacher there:

"Don't worry, she will be fine as soon as you leave."  "She's going to have a fun day."  "Go enjoy your day, mom, this is as good for her as it as good for you."  "I will call you if we need anything."

Ha!  It's a lot harder practicing what you preach!

I trust everyone there with her, it was just hard seeing her seem like such a big girl and leaving her! 

Oh - and she didn't cry all day and when she came home, she pulled out her folder and told me that she "colored" and that it was "for you" (for me.)!

Here's some cute pictures of Nate and Sissy playing outside this evening. 

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