Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's been awhile since I have updated on here.  Life has been busy. 

I have a goal to write more on here.  It helps me take more pictures of my kids when I know I am going to post them and it helps me remember stuff I wouldn't otherwise remember.  I am making a book right now of Lauren's first year and there is A LOT of stuff I had forgotten until I read the old posts on here that I wrote about her.   

Not much to say tonight though so I will leave you with some pictures :)

Here's our attempt at family Easter pictures.  Lauren was not having it that day. 

Here is the best of one of that day, but not all of my children were smiling.  I wonder if we will ever get a family of 5 picture with everyone cooperating?!!!

I love this.  Lauren now puts on her tiara all by herself and runs around.  It doesn't matter what she is wearing, or not wearing, she loves her tiara!

Nate still loves to have his picture taken and then has to see it as soon as I take it!

Sean came home with his kindergarten yearbook today.  He thinks it is great.  My favorite quote of the day is when Sean showed me the page with the principal, assistant principal, counselor, gym teacher, librarian, etc and said "Look mom these are my bosses"!

Holding the yearbook open to his class!

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