Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother Daughter Morning

Most mornings while the boys are at school, we are just at home doing chores and watching Cookie Monster. 
Today we set out for some quality Mother Daughter time outside of the house.

We started off with pedicures. 

Well, since Lauren doesn't like her feet to be touched, I started out with a pedicure.

Lauren sat so good in her stroller eating her snack and giving us cheese smiles.

She did help me pick out a color for my toes.  :)

Next we hit up Sonic for a treat. 
I was going to get her an Apple Juice Slushy that I have heard so much about, but when I ordered they said they don't sell them anymore!  So, she had a Sprite, which she loves!

Trying to hold her and our drinks and the camera to take our picture didn't turn out too well...

Next we went to feed the ducks. 
Lauren had never done this before and every time we drive by the ponds she would scream
"PUPPIES!!!  ruff, ruff, ruff!"
I thought it was time to show her that these are not puppies. 
She didn't know what to think at first. 
Every time I would give her bread to feed the ducks, she would eat the bread herself, LOL!

She was thinking "these are NOT puppies!"

Then the ducks started coming and taking the bread right out of her hands!!!

She decided she did not like this and she was done with ducks.  Puppies are better.

So we ran around the pond and played for awhile.

When it was time to go get Nate, Lauren decided she wanted to tell the ducks bye. 
Except now they wouldn't come near her since she ate all their bread!!!

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