Thursday, May 26, 2011

MDO Misc

Yesterday was our last day at MDO. 

Here are a few pictures of things that went on the last few days.

Family night. 
This is always a sweet night, especially for the students and parents of the 4 year olds who are entering kindergarten the next year. 
I cried during their program and I don't even have one going to kindergarten next year!

Here's the pictures of Nathan and Lauren in their program. 
Daddy took these pictures, sooo you will probably have to click and zoom in to really see them. 

Nate holding his diamond poster.

All the kids lining up on stage.

The whole school singing their shapes song. 
Lauren didn't do much but look cute. 
She has that down real well.

Then, we had water day.  This is everyone's all time favorite.  Well, except Lauren's.  She doesn't like getting wet.  She had fever that day anyway, so she just watched everyone have fun. 

Nate took on the big monster slide.  We have this every year and he loves it. 

And are you ready for this??? 

Here is Lauren on her first day of MDO this year. 

And here she is on the last day. 

I couldn't get her to stand still and look at me. 

Where did my baby go???!!!!

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