Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

My sweet kids brought me home gifts they made in school this week:

From Lauren:

They made some bath salts that came with the card.

From Nate:
His handprint flower is a magnet with a clip to hold up papers.
(click on the picture to see what he had to say about me!)

From Sean:
Mom loves this survey where Sean says that I am "as pretty as grandma". 
And I guess now Sean's teacher thinks that I leave the kids all the time when I am mad!

Front of a bookmark that Sean made me.

And a poem on the back of the bookmark!

While I was taking pictures of all the gifts, Lauren kept saying "CHEESE!" wanting me to take her picture.  So...
Here she is. 

Yes, my child eats markers. 

Happy Mothers Day!

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