Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nate & A Nightly Routine

My Nate is so crazy.  I just love him.

He will try anything. 


Or more.

Usually more when it's something I don't want him to do - ha!

Here is Mark feeding him a lemon. 

And here is his reaction.

Really you would think he didn't like it.  But, every day since this picture, he begs me to eat a lemon. 

The other day, Nate was being way too quiet. 

My children + Quiet = Something is Up

Yep, I found him with my purse and make up bag, applying mascara. 

I just love him.  He thought it was the funniest thing ever.  This child loves to laugh.  I just love that.

Here is one of our nightly routines.  Homework.
Mark doesn't always get to help because of work or time, but it is so nice when he is here to help with it.  The kids enjoy it and we get to do it as a family. 

Sean has a reader and each night he has to read a paragraph to us three times.  He also has sight words that he has to memorize and we review those every night.  Also, a few nights a week he will have a worksheet that he has to do. 

I never had homework in kindergarten!  I didn't learn half the stuff that he is learning until 1st or 2nd grade! 

Nathan doesn't have homework assigned by his teachers, but he always begs for homework!  (Crazy kid!)
We usually let him color, but I made some alphabet flash cards ~ nothing fancy as you can tell ~ and we are working on those. 

I had a meeting with Nathan's teacher after school today and she says that he is doing great.  He still needs to work on his letters and numbers and counting to 30, but he is making progress. 

She says that she is still working on getting him to talk more in class, so I offered for her to come home with me.  This child TALKS!  Non-stop!

The future is still un-known.  He will most likely be in this pre-K class again next year and my biggest wish is that he will flourish and blossom by the time he starts kindergarten.  He may require some extra help in kindergarten with reading or speech, but that will be unknown until we get to that point. 

He works really hard though and I am so proud of him!

Due to the *FREEZING* weather, the kids will only go to school half a day tomorrow and depending on the ***SNOW***, school might be cancelled on Friday!

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