Friday, January 21, 2011

These Shoes Were NOT For Walking

Lauren's shoes have had it. 
Since she wasn't walking on her feet, but her knees, most of the time these shoes have really taken a beating.(Since she would drag the tops of her feet while she walked on her knees.) 
Having cement in the house for a couple of weeks finally did them in completely. 
By the time we got carpet in the house, both her big toes were peeking through the shoes. 
I only kept her wearing them around the house because I didn't want to ruin another pair of shoes this way.
Now that she is walking on her feet 99% of the time and we have floors in the house again, it's time for a new pair. 
She has about 25 pairs of shoes given to us from others, but they are all still too big.  She has a pair or two that are too big, but she can walk in them pretty well.  But, they aren't winter shoes.
This weekend, her and I are taking a girl shopping trip to find her some good shoes that fit and will keep her little feet warm the rest of winter!

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