Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gloomy Day

Today was rainy and cloudy and dark all day.  Just your all around gloomy day. 
Poor Sean woke up this morning crying because he had a headache and his throat hurt.  This is not a child that can fake being sick, he has too much energy for that.  So, when he laid in bed ALL day long, I knew it was for real. 
We catered to him today, letting him watch TV in our room and taking him his juice and snacks to the bed. 

I was shocked when not even at 7pm I went to check on him and found him fast asleep. 

My poor baby.  It doesn't matter how big he is, he is still my baby, especially when he is sick.  And even though I hate seeing him not feeling well, it was so nice to have him want me to lay with him and cuddle him.  He never sits still long enough for that!
I hope tomorrow though that he is back to his bouncy-full-of-energy-never-sit-for-even-a-second-self!

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