Saturday, October 30, 2010

Class Parties

This past week we had FOUR Halloween/Fall class parties to attend.
First was Lauren's party.
She didn't do much but eat.

And be cute, of course!

She didn't dress up because I made her costume and it wasn't done by the time of the party! Oops!
(We did make her shirt and beneath Lil' Pumpkin is her handprint to look like a pumpkin!

Then was Nathan's first class party at Mother's Day Out.

They had SO much sugar at his party and he enjoyed running around his class.

Nathan with some friends from class waiting on treats.

Nathan at his second class party at "the big boy school" (the Kindergarten center).

Playing Pin the Tail on the Cat!

Pumpkin Bowling!

Nathan with one of the teacher's aides in his class and some friends.

Lauren loved playing in Nate's class!

Sean's Party
The food:

The Decorations:

The class sang a song for all of us!

Sean enjoying some goodies

(He did wear his costume to school all day, but by the party he was so hot that he took it off.)

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