Monday, August 23, 2010

It Just Ain't Right

It just ain't right for a mama with 3 children to have the house as quiet as I had it today.
Sean started KINDERGARTEN today! Where oh where does the time go? I'm telling you, I've got to quit blinking.
Nathan also started school today. He is going to PPCD half a day every day.
Here's my big kindergartner this morning:

My big boys showing some brotherly love:

Sean and his friend, Andrew, who started 2nd grade today:

About to walk into his big Kindergarten classroom!

Putting away his backpack in his locker!

His friend, Patrick, who was also in his Pre-K class last year. So glad there is a familiar face there!

When did he get so big and grown up?!

I'm about to lose it here:

Daddy and Sean:

Nathan about to go in his class:

He IS smiling and he was really excited!
Gotta love the Nate smile!

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