Monday, June 14, 2010

Lauren Kate - 11 Months Old

Dear Grandma, I received your email this morning concerning Lauren's 11 month post. I had great intentions of writing it after we came home from her doctor appointment. But, I didn't even make it to the appointment. I didn't get in bed until 8am after being up all night, so I rescheduled the appointment. She had an appointment to check her blood count, since she has been anemic and also to talk with the doctor about the cyst on the corner of Lauren's eye. At last check-up the pediatrician was not concerned with the cyst at all, but it seems to have grown and become more noticable to Mark and me.

Don't worry, we have another appointment scheduled for next Monday and I will keep you updated. And here is Lauren's 11 month post =) Love you.

Lauren Kate, 11 Months Old

I can hardly get your picture now because you won't sit still long enough! This is the best sitting up straight picture I got!

So, Lauren, what are you up to these days?

* You weigh somewhere between 18 and 19 pounds.
* You are wearing size 3 diapers (still).
* You are wearing size 9 or 12 month clothes.

* You have a bottle for breakfast, a snack a little later on, and then you have your lunch. You take a nap after lunch and then have a bottle and then you eat dinner with us. You take a bottle before bed time. You still eat some soft baby foods, but are mostly eating what we eat or Gerber Graduates. You especially like the Gerber Raviolis that are chicken and carrots or turkey and vegetables.
* You are feeding yourself now! You finally figured it was better to put the food in your mouth than to throw it on the floor.

* You have 6 teeth now. You got your upper right tooth on June 4, 2010!

* You are THIS CLOSE to crawling, but not there yet. You get around on the floor by bouncing up and down on your bottom and scooting across!
* You have just started being able to come to a sitting position from laying down.
* You will stand if we stand you up holding on to something.

* You babble A LOT now. You say mama and dada. And get this...your first word besides those two is STOP! I guess you've heard mommy and daddy say it so much to the boys that you say it all the time now! You're also working on uh-oh. You say uh-uh in place of it.

* There's only one more month until your first birthday, sweet girl, and you're changing so much every day. It's bittersweet for me to see what you will be doing when you turn one!

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