Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday Dates

My sister-in-law and I have decided, to get out of the rut of the day-to-days, we are going to start getting together every Friday and doing something different with the kids. This past Friday, we went to a splash park by her house and then back to her house to let the kids swim in a little pool.
To get the pool, this involved stopping at Wal-Mart and going inside with 4 children, ages 5 and under. I shouldn't have to say more than that, but I will share this just to give you an idea: I'm walking along pushing my basket (I have 2 kids in a basket and she has 2 kids in her basket). I kept feeling something splash against my foot. Finally, I looked down to see what it was and one of the kids (I won't mention names, but it was one of mine) was peeing and it was coming out the basket and hitting me in the feet! I looked behind me and there was a very long, wet trail! Enter humiliation.
Anyway, here's some pics of the kids playing that day!

The next few pictures are of the kids playing on the trampoline. Nathan was throwing a fit and yelling at Sean & Caden because he wanted them to quit jumping. He could get up with them on there, but he didn't want to. I did not leave him there to be tortured. I tried to help him, but when he refused I just decided to laugh & take pictures!

Once everyone got off, he was completely fine and happy!
To answer your question: No, he is not spoiled!

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