Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Meal

I wanted to make Mark a really good meal for Father's Day. And this is what I came up with:

Fried pork chops, potatoes au gratin, steamed veggies, & yeast rolls. DELICIOUS! (You must go to the Pioneer Woman's website and get her recipe for the potatoes...they. were. awesome.)
And for dessert: Mark's favorite chocolate pie:

This is something so simple that Mark loves: graham cracker crust, pour in some instant chocolate jello, and top it with whip cream, lol!

This might seem like a simple dinner to cook for Father's Day, but let me tell you, the work it took just to go to the grocery store to get the things to cook was such a sacrifice of sanity that it was a whole gift itself to Mark.

Since Mark was working and I didn't have any of the things I need to cook, I had to go to the grocery store with ALL three kids. Many mom's do this every single day with a smile on their face and don't even break a sweat. Those are the mom's I call crazy super moms.

I pulled up into the parking lot and turned around to give my boys a very stern talk about how they were expected to behave while in the store. They smiled sweetly and said "yes ma'am" and I thought oh good, this won't be so bad.

As soon as we entered the store, it started. The running around, running away, screaming like hyenas up and down every aisle.

This was all Nathan.

He was throwing everything he could get his hands on into the basket and pitching a fit when I would take it out.

I desperately tried to persuade him, with a smile on my face since everyone in Wal-Mart was giving me dirty looks, by promising him candy when we finished shopping.

It didn't work.

By the time we got to the check out line and I paid, more than what I wanted because of all the extras that were in the basket, I was sweating up a storm and thinking about how nice it was going to be once we got to the car and I could beat my child buckle him in safely in his car seat and get home.

We stopped at the little machines that dispense candy so Sean could get some bubble gum and Nathan threw a fit there too so I gave in and let him have some Reeses Pieces. Don't judge me. If you would have seen the looks I was getting from everyone, you would have given him the candy to keep him quiet too!

We get to the car and I get the groceries in. Before I put Nathan in his car seat, I bent down and looked him in the eyes and through gritted teeth I am explaining to him why he is about to get a spanking.

Just as I am ready to pull down his pants and pop him, I hear "Hey honey, how are you!?"
It was one of my student's moms from MDO parked right in front of me.
Immediately I stand up and hug my child and wave and say "I'm great! How are you?"
Nate's bottom was saved.

By the time we got home, I was on the verge of tears and exhausted and ready for bed. And it was only noon.

At least no one peed all over the store that day.
(THAT will be discussed in an upcoming post!)

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