Sunday, April 18, 2010

Down On The Boardwalk

Sean's class had a field trip last week to Kemah Boardwalk.
I really took advantage of this opportunity to have some one on one time with my oldest baby.

We fed the stingrays...

Those things freaked me out.

They were almost jumping out of the tank to get the fish and splashing us!

I wouldn't feed them, ha!

In the aquarium they have animals that move and make noises. We waited for the elephant to do something, but I guess he was "sleeping".

Sean played on the playground while we waited to meet up with everyone for lunch.

We rode the train. This is Sean screaming and his little friend covering his eyes through the Kemah Mystery Tunnel!

Sean rode other rides.

He talked me into riding a ride with him. Everyone assured me that the ride wasn't bad at all.

They lied.
I was terrified.
Sean loved it.

He wanted to ride the roller coaster, but I told him he had to be 21 to ride that. Or wait for daddy.

So he rode another ride with some friends from class.

It was a really good day and we both had a lot of fun.
In a couple of weeks, Nate's class gets to go the zoo so I will get some quality time with him too.
I love our school!
P.S. Check out some pictures of my boys in Alabama here

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