Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seven Months

Lauren Kate, today you are 7 Months Old!

* At a check up on February 5, 2010, you weighed 15 lbs 6 oz.
* You are wearing size 2 diapers and size 3-6 months clothes.
* You drink 5 or 6 4-oz bottles of formula a day. You have a little oatmeal cereal in the morning and food at night. I make all your food fresh and organic for you.
* You had peaches for the first time on January 14, 2010. You really weren't too sure about them.

* You had green beans on January 19, 2010, and absolutely LOVED them. Just like your momma!
* You had carrots on January 22, 2010, and thought they were better than peaches, but not as good as green beans.
* You had sweet potatoes on January 27, 2010, and I think those are your favorite so far. You can't eat them fast enough!

* You had applesauce on February 2, 2010, and I don't think you like it at all! After every bite you would make the most sour face. I kept feeding it to you though because the face you made was so cute!

* Daddy gave you a popsicle on January 20, 2010, and you thought that was the greatest thing ever! I bet it felt good on all your teeth you had coming in!

* You discovered that you could play with and eat your toes on January 22, 2010!

* You rolled from your back to your tummy on January 14, 2010!

* You really don't like tummy time though and you aren't sitting up by yourself yet. Your pediatrician said that you aren't strengthening you back muscles, so we are sitting you up with a boppy to try and make you stronger instead of tummy time!

* You love playing with toys, especially your brothers' toys and eating books!

* You have four teeth now! Your top right one came in on January 14, 2010, and your top left came in on February 7, 2010! You chew on everything!
* Your schedule is still pretty much the same: You wake up around 8am, take a nap from 11am - 2pm, another nap from 4 - 5pm, and down for bed at 8pm. You are follow your schedule really well and sleep really good!
* You say "mamamamamama" all the time now! So sweet!
* You do this really cute thing where you "fix" your hair. You put your hand on the side of your head or you reach around to the back of your head and move your fingers like your trying to fix or poof your hair. It's so cute and girly!
* You're such a sweet, beautiful girl and we adore you and love you sooo much!

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