Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally Getting to Buy Pink!

So, Cindy wanted to know what it was like to finally get to buy pink?

It. Is. A. Blast.

But, I didn't always feel this way when I first found out I was having a girl. I was in shock and didn't really even know if I should believe that she was a girl! We had done boy for so long, it seemed impossible! So, I bought 1 dress the weekend I found out she was a girl and I didn't do any other shopping for her for awhile. I just wanted to make sure she would be born a she! (WE had a couple of extra ultrasounds during the pregnancy and so I was finally convinced that she was a girl and I did shop - a lot - before she was born!)

While I was pregnant with Lauren, I would get so frustrated at everyone assuming that I wanted a girl. They would find out that I all ready had 2 boys and think I was "going for the girl". When we found out she was a girl, people would ask if I was going to stop now that I "finally got my girl". I wanted to slap their faces. (This may or may not have been the horomones.)

Of course, I was ecstatic at the thought of having a girl. Of course, I loved her. Of course, I couldn't wait to fill up her closet with pinks and reds and purples. Of course, I couldn't wait to clip bows in her hair.

But, that's not why we decided to have another baby. We wanted another baby - girl or boy. I actually pictured myself with three little boys running around (and yes, in this picture I was bald from pulling all my hair out).

When people would make those comments to me, it made me feel like my boys weren't good enough. Like they were just failed attempts at having a girl.

I love my boys so very much and they are everything to me. And so is my little girl now in all her girly girl pink hair bow sweet glory. She is the perfect addition to our family of boys and we all adore her. And I would have loved her to death and just as much if she had been a he (is that a confusing sentence?).

But, all that to answer Cindy's question: It is so awesome to buy pink (and purple and red) that I have some what of an obession with it. I might need to do a 28 day pink shopping detox - ha!


  1. Haha, as the mother of a girl, I know that shopping overload feeling. I contained myself until the doctor said, "It's a girl!" Then I wentn crazy. But you're right, a lot of people assume you need one of each to make your family complete. A baby is a baby-- and they are perfect no matter what the gender!


  2. There is just something about having a girl, though... shopping, girl talk, fighting... LOL. ~Cindy