Friday, November 27, 2009

Bed Times

Yesterday was such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I was so thankful for my family, for my children, and all that I have. I was so looking forward to a quiet evening at home since hubby had to work and the kids only took a nap on the short ride home after dinner. I planned on renting a movie and lounging on the couch in the peace and quiet.
Was I wrong? Yes.
I let the boys play for awhile when we got home. I gave them a nice, warm bath and let them relax and watch a cartoon before bed. I tucked them in with hugs and kisses and prayers and went to sit down and just relax.
SLAM! There went the door. Sighing I got up from the couch and went to see what's going on. Toys were everywhere, kids were jumping up and down on the bed, laughing and having a good ol' time. In a matter of seconds!!!
I watch Super Nanny all the time, so I tried her approach of getting kids to sleep in their beds by just placing them back in their beds without a word repeatedly. Well, I did this repeatedly. Over and over and over again.
Did I yell? Yes. Did I beg? Yes. Did I cry and plead and bribe? Yes, yes, and YES!
Did any of it work? NO!
When hubby got home a little after midnight, did he take the brunt of my frustration? Yes.
Hubby got them to bed after about 2 minutes of being home. He grinned from ear to ear like a Chester cat like he had done something. Excuse me, honey, but they were worn out from wearing me out!
Since hubby was leaving today for a 4 day hunting trip and leaving me as a single parent, he said that he would let me sleep in this morning to catch up on my rest.
I think he thought that the kids would sleep in as well since they were up so late.
Was he wrong? Of course.
At 6:15am the kids started stirring. To hubby's credit, he did get up with them. And he did feed the baby a bottle. And he did get her back to sleep. And then he did go back to sleep himself on the couch.
So the boys did come into my room and shake me awake. Over and over again. And when I just laid there playing possum hoping that my darling hubby would come rescue me, the boys did go in and out of my room slamming the door.
The very last time they went out they left the door wide open where I could every scream from their fights coming from the living room. I did not hear my hubby intervening, so I pulled back the covers and got out of bed.
Hubby was sleeping on the couch. Kids were yelling for breakfast. So about the time I have their breakfast cooked, dear hubby comes in and says "I've got that, why don't you get some rest".
Gee, thanks, dear.
Of course, I was wide awake by then and did not go back to bed.
Now that is 9pm and my kids are behaving the way they were last night I am wishing that I would have at least gone and pretended to sleep and just caught up on some Lifetime movies.

Their bed time is a fight every. single. night. How do any of you get your kids to bed at night, without just letting them pass out from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning?

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