Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Dinners

I love Sunday dinners. Who doesn't, really?

I remember growing up and Sundays would always seem to be mom's best meal. There was no rushing to cook after getting home from work. It was a nice long, leisurely day and mom could take her time cooking and it was always so good. (Her cooking was always good, but I liked Sunday meals the best!)

I try to do this for my family too, but I am getting very tired of the same ol' recipes. So, each Sunday I am going to try a new recipe for my family. And then blog about it.

Today, however, my husband is out of town and I haven't taken the time yet to find a new recipe. So, I made a favorite of ours.

I started this when Sean was small and we couldn't get him to eat any kind of meat or vegetables. He only liked rice. And, well, the usual corn dogs, chips, ice cream, etc. So, I decided to hide the chicken and vegetables in rice. Now this is an all time (EASY!) favorite at our house.


cooked and shredded chicken breast (forgot to take a picture of the chicken, but you know what it looks like!)

Rice-A-Roni Fried Rice (2 boxes is what I usually use for our eating family of 4, but tonight I just used 1)

Fresh brocolli (or frozen), chopped

Fresh carrots (or canned), chopped

(When I first started making this, I chopped everything in a food processor so Sean wouldn't know it was there. Now I don't worry about it and he still eats it.)

1 - Follow directions on Rice-A-Roni box.

2 - When it's time to add the seasoning and water to the rice, add the other ingredients as well.

3 - Follow the rest of the instructions on the Rice-A-Roni box.

Serve and Enjoy!

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