Saturday, November 28, 2009

Guest Post - Part 3

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What better way to express what life has been like in our new city, than a top 10 list?

Top 10 Seattle Surprises:

10. We have lots of downtowns. Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, etc. Seriously, how many downtowns does a city need? Apparently a whole heck of a lot, as every little neighborhood has a downtown, and some, a skyline.
9. We have an overabundance of parks. Everywhere you turn up here… there is a park. 10+ in our neighborhood!
8. We have bears, and not the cute cuddly stuffed kind. That’s right. We have warning signs near playgrounds in our neighborhood.
7. TV show times stink. Everyone else gets to enjoy The Office hours before us. Boo! Evening news? Not until 11PM.
6. Snow chains and snow tires have become a reality. Nothing funnier than my husband crouching on the shoulder of I-90, trying to figure out how to put on tire chains in 35 degree weather, while its raining. Awesome.
5. The Weather. We were ready for the clouds, rain, and cold… but are still adjusting to the notion that 55 degrees is “warm”.
4. It is really, really, really, really green. Trees. Grass. Moss. Plants. Beautiful. Maybe this came as more of a shock because of the never-ending drought in San Antonio…
3. You don’t need an umbrella. Weird, but no one else uses them up here. If your dream is to start an umbrella company, Seattle won’t be your Mecca.
2. It gets dark. Early. By 4:30PM, it is pitch black outside.
1. Driving is a challenge. We are originally from Houston, so we are on the aggressive side as far as driving. No one speeds here. NO ONE. It is as if all of Seattle is in absolutely no hurry to be anywhere.

Despite all of the surprises, I have to admit that we are in love with our new hometown. We feel lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty. Beaches, lakes, mountains, rain, snow, and lots and lots of green! Home sweet home!

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