Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guest Post - Part 2

September 25th:
We left late at night, expecting to make it to Fort Stockton, TX before morning. Big mistake. We lost our keys, got a late start, couldn’t find an open Starbucks, and didn’t make it very far up I-10, before we had to catch some Zzzzzz’s in Sonora, TX.

September 26th:
Sonora, TX to Roswell, NM… New Mexico claims to be the Land of Enchantment. I disagree with every bone in my body. There were no alien encounters, and for some reason, there was a stench in the air that was much like mildew and sweaty manure melted together.

September 27th:
Roswell, NM to Colorado Springs, CO… I can't even begin to express how happy we were to get the heck out of NM. Let's just say that after a homeless guy approached Ryan's window, looking for food while we were parked at a McDonald's in Las Vegas (NM... not NV), we were so relieved to cross the state line into Colorado.

September 28th:
Colorado Springs, CO to Grand Junction, CO… This was probably our best and worst day wrapped into one. Reid treated us to an almost constant screamfest, while Ryan was grumpy and cabin feverish. But, Mother Nature made up for it with the scenery. I-70 west of Denver needs to be a drive that everyone puts on their bucket list. I have never seen anything so magnificent in my entire life... The Rockies... Vail... Aspen... GLENWOOD CANYON!! All that separated me from bliss that day was a shiny new set of earplugs.

September 29th:
Grand Junction, CO to Salt Lake City, UT... Utah was a somewhat unexpected surprise for me. While I was keeping my eye out for polygamists, we stumbled upon color in a state that I had always imagined to be brown nothingness. We also managed to collide with downtown Salt Lake City and a Hannah Montana concert. Grrrrrr.

September 30th:
Salt Lake City, UT to Seattle, WA… Our original plan was to make two more stops in Boise City, ID and in Walla Walla, WA, but that plan changed after spending 5 days in our Prius with 3 monsters. Honestly, I would rather live in a closet with my family than in a tiny moving car... at least I can escape the closet... or hold the screaming baby. So, we changed our plans and drove all night and half the day to make it to Seattle. There were tumbleweeds, a dust storm, rain, and snow in Idaho, followed by breaking the law in Oregon by pumping our own gas. Finally, we arrived in Washington to start a new chapter in our lives...

PS Yes, we KNOW it rains here!

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